From Seed to Relief:
Thailand's Indoor Cannabis Innovations Flourish

"Unleashing the Cosmic Power of Cannabis: Elevating the Galactic Standard with our Unrivaled Quality."

Located in the heart of Bangkok, BarramePirun’s state-of-the-art facilities showcase cutting-edge technologies that ensure optimal growing conditions for cannabis strains specifically tailored to address various medical conditions. From temperature and humidity control to precise lighting and nutrient management, every aspect of the cultivation process is meticulously monitored to guarantee consistent quality and potency.

Our Vision:

“To become the global indoor vertical farming company”

Our Mission:

  • To ensure that peoples have access to best quality plants and plant-based products every day.
  • To create food security, food safety and food sustainability.
  • To improve health and wellbeing for all humanity

Our Values

The 6 principles that drive everything at BarramePirun.

Best Quality

We place a high priority on “quality” because we are convinced that when we strive to deliver the best in everything we do, not only will consumers receive the best, but we will also benefit.


We adhere to the principles of ethics and integrity. We firmly believe in doing what is right and we will never engage in any actions that contradict the principles of human morality and human rights.

Deep Knowledge

We have a profound understanding of our current and future endeavors because we truly understand and believe in what we are doing. We continuously seek knowledge and pursue personal growth with the goal of paving the way and changing the world.

Endless Evolve

We work hard and continuously strive to improve ourselves, with a dedicated focus on developing our community and the world we live in, fostering endless progress.

Growing with Passion

We harness our passion as a driving force for personal growth and advancement. With this unwavering dedication, we have repeatedly surpassed our own limits and never cease to be inspired.

Give First, Win Together

Our DNA is rooted in giving before receiving. We rely on mutual support and prioritize rallying our collective strength and intellect to foster a shared space of excellence for both ourselves and our customers.

Our Story

โรงงานปลูกพืช Plant Factory

2018 - The Beginning Of Journey

Started from a man with zero knowledge of farming. He failed in planting field corns but he realized the problem of tradition agriculture, so he tried to find the solution of these. Then, he found the new era of agriculture, that called “Vertical Farming”, which changed his life forever.

โรงงานปลูกพืช Plant Factory

2020 - Trial And Error

After he gained more knowledge about agriculture especially vertical farming by trial and error. He brought this idea to his family and got fund to built the #1 Plant Factory in Saimai. On 28 August 2020, BarramePirun Company was published.

โรงงานปลูกพืช Plant Factory

2021 - First Commercial

BarramePirun started selling produce in Bangkok and vicinity, but the knowledge of Plant Factory is not very widespread as of yet in Thailand, so we decided to educate people about Plant Factory by using Online channels. In this year we’ve got promoted by Thailand Board Of Investment (BOI) for 5 years.

โรงงานปลูกพืช Plant Factory

2022 - Partnership and Expansion Year

This year has been a challenging year for us. Because we want to expand the business in the way of B2B even more by trying to penetrate the restaurant and hotel market. In addition, we will bring our products to sell in leading department stores. So that we can spread good health to more consumers.


Our Team

Economists and entrepreneurs passionate about utilizing modern technology and innovation in agriculture aim to optimize resource allocation for maximum benefits. He also strives to create environmentally-friendly organizations. He believes that a stable and safe food supply can transform Thailand into a sustainable global kitchen in the future.

Pirunchai Thipchotephuwadon

Founder & President


Health-conscious entrepreneurs aim to transform nutritious vegetables and fruits into health-focused meals, pastries, and beverages. She aspires to open a health café where consumers can lead worry-free lives, as she believe that clean and wholesome food is a key factor in maintaining good health.

Barrame Thipchotephuwadon


A food scientist, who has transitioned into a Thai traditional medicine practitioner, is pioneering new traditional prescription formulas. He is also exploring innovative methods of cultivating herbs and medicinal plants to maximize their essential compounds and nutritional value. He is aiming to meet the needs of consumers in both the present and future eras.

Phattara Sirirojananont

Chief Information Officer

Experienced textile industry entrepreneur of over 45 years recognizes the importance of health as a crucial factor for human well-being. As a result, they aspire to be part of producing clean and safe food that benefits consumers' physical well-being.

Surachai Chuealek

Chief Financial Officer

A young executive aims to revolutionize Thailand's agricultural sector by developing an operational system that emphasizes cost-effectiveness and minimizes crop cultivation time. With a vision for continuous development and research, He strives to provide consumers with high-quality produce comparable to that of developed nations.

Passakorn Phunumpol

Business Development

An experienced herbal specialist with profound knowledge in botany, phytochemistry, and plant genetics of various herbal species conducted experiments to enhance the concentration of vital compounds in herbs cultivated in a Plant Factory using different methods. Furthermore, she is also involved in designing the environment for herbs and flowers grown in BarramePirun's plant production facility.

Pattaraporn Pomoang

Senior Herbal Specialist


A passionate plant scientist with a deep fascination for plants and modern cultivation systems, he possesses extensive expertise in plant physiology and genetics. He conducts experiments to discover the optimal environments for growing different plant species in the plant production facility. Additionally, he designs experiments to enhance the concentration of vital compounds in each plant species. His future goal is to create an environment where all plant types can thrive in closed-system cultivation.

Patcharapol Buasuwan

Senior Plant Scientist


Rare plants that are born and thrive in the BarramePirun Plant Factory require expertise in botany and plant genetics. His primary role is to oversee the plants during nighttime, ensuring their well-being and maintaining their optimal conditions. He also serves as a symbolic figure representing BarramePirun.

Phuk Uab (Chubby Plant)

Operating Officer (Night Shift)


Our Plant Factory

บารมีพิรุณ plant factory

Plant Factory Saimai

Our first Plant Factory is located at 39/10 Sukhaphiban 5, Soi 44, Ao Ngoen Subdistrict, Sai Mai District, Bangkok. It is situated near the Sai Mai District Office. We grow superfood, herb, edible flower, microgreens and medical grade cannabis